Ryan Air, FR4102 from Frankfurt to Rome, had a bird strike

Ryan Air FR4102 - bird strike and hard landing

Ryanair flight FR4102 (Frankfurt Hahn to Rome Ciampino which departed at 06:30) local suffered multiple bird strikes on landing this morning and remains on the runway at Rome Ciampino Airport.

It appears that the left hand main landing gear suffered substantial damage on landing, which will delay the aircraft being removed from the runway for some hours. As a result Rome Ciampino Airport has been closed to all flights including Ryanair’s until sometime late this afternoon.

The aircraft is still being examined by Ryanair engineers and the Italian Aviation Authority. They have not yet allowed Ryanair to remove passengers’ baggage, but as soon as they do passengers will be reunited with the belongings so they can continue onwards to their destination. Ryanair’s ground handling agents in Rome Ciampino Airport are providing passengers with refreshments and assistance.

As a precaution 2 cabin crew and 8 passengers have received medical attention.

Please note that alternative arrangements have been made for Ryanair flights to operate to/from Rome Fiumicino and these are detailed on our homepage.

Ryanair sincerely apologises to all passengers affected by this disruption.

Здесь — ещё фото. Крупняк попался, видимо… весь нос самолета, мягко говоря, окровавленный. Плюс сложенная стойка.

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