Цикл завершён


An Aeroflot Airbus A320-200, registration VP-BWM performing flight SU-212 from Oslo Gardermoen (Norway) to Moscow Sheremetyevo (Russia), was cleared for takeoff from runway 01L at about 15:20L (14:20Z), but took off a parallel taxiway. The airplane climbed out safely and continued to Moscow, where the airplane landed safely.

Gardermoen Airport confirmed, that the airplane took a wrong turn and took off a taxiway, no other traffic was on or in the vicinity of the taxiway. It is not clear at this time, whether or when the tower controllers noticed the error. Norways Accident Investigation Board and Civil Aviation Authority have been informed of the incident.

The parallel taxiway N is 3700 meters/12100 feet long and runs along the full length of the runway, taxiway M between the runway and taxiway N is 2400 meters/7900 feet long.


Кратко и по-русски — рейс СУ212 Осло-Москва удачно взлетел по рулёжке вместо ВПП. Таким образом, ребята славно потрудились, добавив в пару к известной Барселоне тихий норвежский Осло. Цикл завершён — посадка была, взлёт тоже.

Update (2:47 MSK, 28.02.10):
METAR на момент события:
ENGM 251446Z 04006KT 9999 FEW017 BKN023 M09/M11 Q1002 TEMPO BKN014
ENGM 251411Z 04005KT 9999 SCT022 BKN026 M10/M12 Q1002 NOSIG

Схема аэропорта.

По непотвержденным слухам, в левом кресле сидел КВС-инструктор первого класса.

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